Interface Summary
ClientInterface Interface to a client for the poplog doc server a new client should be created in a way such that the &tl;msg type>Received methods are called from whithin the run() or main parsing method of the object, and overriden to provide event handling to the calling classes.
ProtocolInterface Interface for all protocols in server/client situations

Class Summary
PoplogCachedClient A PoplogDocClient that uses a document cache to minimize server requests.
PoplogDocClient Creates a Doc Client that sends requests to the server and gets responses from it in the form of messages
PoplogDocServer A server for the Poplog documentstion.
PoplogDocServerThread A thread that handles a connection with a client
ProtocolPrefixes Prefixes for the protocol requests

Exception Summary
ClientException Generic exception for the client to throw on server errors or own errors
ServerException Generic exception for the server to throw